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Wicknell Chivhayo and Sister
Wicknell Chivhayo and Sister
Wicknell Chivayo Details
Legal NameWicknell Chivayo
DescriptionWicknell Chivhayo, known as "Sir Wicknell," is a Zimbabwean businessman renowned for his controversial government contracts and social media flaunting of wealth, with a life marked by legal challenges and ties to political figures.
BornNovember 22, 1982
(Age 41 Years)
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Wicknell Chivayo

Zimbabwean Businessman

Estimated Net Worth (USD)
$50 Million
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World Wide
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Zimbabwe Flag#12
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Wicknell Munodaani Chivhayo, born on November 22, 1982, in Zimbabwe, is a businessman whose life has been marked by controversies and success. Raised in the Gandami area of Chivhu by his mother following the tragic loss of his father in a car accident at the age of 10, Chivhayo's early years laid the groundwork for a tumultuous yet intriguing journey.


Chivhayo's educational path started at Dudley Hall Primary School, and he later enrolled at Churchill Boys High School. Despite showing academic promise, financial constraints forced him to abandon his education in 1996 during Form Two. This early setback would not define him, as he later carved a unique path to success.


Embarking on a career at the age of 15, Chivhayo initially worked as a wages clerk at a local bus company. However, his trajectory took a turn, and he became an illegal money changer at Harare's Union Avenue Flea Market. Legal troubles arose, leading to a two-year incarceration at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison from 2004 to 2006. Post-release, Chivhayo's life transformed, claiming to have amassed his first million rand at 19 and his first million dollars at 23.

Chivhayo's business endeavors have been both prosperous and contentious. He gained notoriety for controversial government contracts, particularly in the energy sector. The Gwanda Solar Project tender, valued at $173 million, became a focal point of scrutiny and legal challenges. Amid these controversies, Chivhayo showcased wealth on social media, earning the moniker "Sir Wicknell."

Personal Life

In July 2017, Chivhayo's personal life made headlines as he paid a reported lobola of USD$50,000 for his then-fiancée, Sonja Madzikanada. The couple, who married in 2017, has two children. Chivhayo's family life, as portrayed on social media, has been marked by public disputes, adding another layer to the entrepreneur's multifaceted persona.

Wicknell Chivhayo's biography is a narrative of resilience, controversy, and success, showcasing the intricate interplay of his personal and professional life on the canvas of Zimbabwe's business landscape.