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Uebert Angel and Wife
Uebert Angel and Wife
Uebert Angel Details
Legal NameUebert Mudzanire
DescriptionUebert Angel, a British-Zimbabwean preacher and businessman, has stirred both admiration and controversy with his charismatic evangelical ministry, diverse business ventures, and a history marked by financial fraud and allegations of misconduct.
BornSeptember 6, 1978
(Age 45 Years)
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Uebert Angel

Estimated Net Worth (USD)
$70 Million
$10 Million
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Zimbabwe Flag#11
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Uebert Angel, born Uebert Mudzanire on September 6, 1978, in Masvingo, Zimbabwe, emerged as a prominent British-Zimbabwean preacher and entrepreneur. His early life in Masvingo laid the foundation for a journey that would blend spirituality and business in a unique and controversial manner.


Uebert Angel's pursuit of knowledge has been a lifelong commitment. He earned a post-graduate degree in education from the University of Bolton and a Master's in Entrepreneurship from the University of Edinburgh. These educational achievements set the stage for his later ventures in both the religious and business realms.


Angel's career began in 2005 when he founded Club Millionaire Limited, offering concierge services in Britain. Transitioning into real estate, he developed residential properties and later expanded into commercial establishments, land acquisition, and property trading. In 2008, he founded Sam Barkeley Construction and established The Angel Organisation, serving as the CEO. His involvement in various enterprises, including Brits Bank and Atom Mobile, solidified his presence in the business world.

Simultaneously, in 2007, Uebert Angel founded Spirit Embassy Ministries in Manchester, England, later rebranded as Good News Church. This Pentecostal ministry gained followers globally, with branches in over 15 countries across Europe, Africa, and the US. Angel's charismatic preaching, often promoting prosperity theology, has been a hallmark of his ministry, attracting both fervent supporters and staunch critics.

In 2021, Angel took on the role of Zimbabwe's Ambassador at Large and Presidential Envoy, appointed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa. This diplomatic position tasked him with seeking trade and investment opportunities for Zimbabwe in Europe and the Americas. However, his ambassadorial role has not been without controversy, and allegations of corruption and money laundering have emerged, further complicating his career narrative.

Personal Life

Uebert Angel is happily married to Beverly Angel, a prophetess and director of their businesses. Together, they have four children: Uebert Angel Junior, Levi Henoch Uebert Angel, Seth Uebert Angel, and Jude Eloi Uebert Angel. Despite his public controversies, Angel has been involved in philanthropy through the Uebert Angel Foundation, supporting underprivileged families, providing scholarships, and contributing to various charitable initiatives.

As a figure with a complex blend of spiritual leadership, business acumen, and controversy, Uebert Angel's personal life remains intertwined with the narrative of his public persona.