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Scott Kupa and friends
Scott Kupa and friends
Pedzai Sakupwanya Details
Legal NamePedzai Sakupwanya
DescriptionPedzai Sakupwanya, popularly known as Scott Kupa, is a Zimbabwean gold dealer and entrepreneur with a remarkable journey from a school dropout to a prominent figure in the world of gold and business.
BornMay 3, 1979
(Age 45 Years)
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Pedzai Sakupwanya

Gold Dealer

Estimated Net Worth (USD)
$30 Million
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Zimbabwe Flag#13
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Pedzai Sakupwanya, widely recognized as Scott Kupa, was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, in 1979. Growing up in the challenging environment of the Mabvuku high-density suburb, his early life was marked by financial struggles. Despite facing adversity, Sakupwanya exhibited resilience and determination that would shape his future endeavors.


Sakupwanya's educational journey was marked by challenges. He faced difficulties in achieving satisfactory grades and experienced setbacks, including failing his Grade 7 exams. The struggle persisted until he ultimately made the decision to discontinue formal education while in Form 2.


Early Career and Gold-Buying Business:

Post his decision to leave school, Sakupwanya embarked on a diverse array of odd jobs, ranging from selling sweets and freezits to playing football for Black Rhinos juniors. His pivotal break came when he worked as a garden boy for the Macmillan family, gaining exposure to the gold trade. This experience ignited his passion for buying gold.

Sakupwanya transitioned from odd jobs to entrepreneurship, establishing his gold-buying business with guidance from Dr. Philip Chiyangwa. Over the years, he evolved into the largest single gold buyer for Zimbabwe’s Fidelity Printers and Refineries, playing a significant role in the country's gold mining industry. His business success extended to employing over 4,000 artisanal miners, contributing to the growth of Zimbabwe's mining sector.

Collaboration with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe:

Sakupwanya's breakthrough occurred when he collaborated with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe under the leadership of Dr. Gideon Gono. During a period of economic challenges due to international sanctions, Sakupwanya leveraged local resources to serve and support his country.

Philanthropy and Youth Empowerment:

Beyond his business ventures, Sakupwanya engaged in philanthropic activities. In 2020, he was pictured at State House after donating 100 tonnes of maize meal to President Emmerson Mnangagwa for distribution to vulnerable communities affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, Sakupwanya served as the president of the youth empowerment advocacy group, Upfumi Kuvadiki, aimed at empowering young people to establish small-scale businesses.

Personal Life

Marital Status and Family

Sakupwanya, known for being private about his personal life, is confirmed to be married. However, details about his wife and family remain undisclosed to the public. His commitment to maintaining privacy extends to shielding his family from the public eye.


While his business success has been noteworthy, Sakupwanya has not been without controversy. In 2021, he faced allegations of an illegal acquisition of gold mining blocks from Redwing Mine in Penhalonga, raising legal concerns and sparking disputes with other mining entities.

Recognition and Lifestyle

Sakupwanya's success in the gold mining industry earned him recognition as one of Zimbabwe's leading young businesspeople. Despite his accomplishments, he maintains a humble and media-shy lifestyle, preferring to let his work speak for itself. Reports in 2022 about a mansion similar to Bill Gates' were dismissed as false by Sakupwanya, reinforcing his inclination toward modesty.

This biography captures Pedzai Sakupwanya's journey from a challenging background to becoming a prominent figure in Zimbabwe's gold industry, emphasizing his entrepreneurial spirit, philanthropic activities, and commitment to privacy in his personal life.