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Old Mutual Zimbabwe Branch Office
Old Mutual Zimbabwe Branch Office
Old Mutual Zimbabwe Details
Legal NameOld Mutual Limited
DescriptionOld Mutual Zimbabwe is a leading financial services company in Zimbabwe, offering a comprehensive range of insurance, investment, and banking solutions. With a rich heritage and a commitment to excellence, we empower our customers to secure their financial future.
Number of Employees1000 (2022)
Year Founded1998 (26 Years Ago)
(After Taxation)
ZWL$0.2 Trillion (2022)
Traed As
Key People
  • K.C. Katsane (Chairman)
  • Samuel Matsekete (CEO)
  • NTT Mudekunye (CFO)
Old Mutual Centre, Harare CBD, Zimbabwe
Unit Trusts, Funeral Planning, Loans, Insurance, Retirement Plans, Stockbroking
Official Website
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Old Mutual Zimbabwe

Financial services company

Estimated Market Value (USD)
$85 Million
$5 Million
Global Rank
World Wide
Country Rank
Zimbabwe Flag#6
Industry Rank

In the heart of Zimbabwe's bustling financial sector stands a company that has been a beacon of stability and trust for over a century. Old Mutual Zimbabwe, a subsidiary of the globally renowned Old Mutual Group, is a shining testament to resilience and innovation in the financial industry. As one of Zimbabwe's foremost financial institutions, Old Mutual Zimbabwe has not only weathered economic storms but has also played an integral role in shaping the nation's financial landscape.

Company History

Old Mutual Zimbabwe's story is one of unwavering commitment and adaptability. Established in 1899, the company has witnessed Zimbabwe's evolution from a British colony to an independent nation. Throughout this transformation, it has remained steadfast in its mission to provide financial security and prosperity for the people of Zimbabwe.

Over the years, Old Mutual Zimbabwe has demonstrated remarkable resilience in the face of economic challenges, serving as a reliable partner for countless Zimbabweans seeking financial stability. The company's long history has not only earned it the trust of its clients but has also cemented its position as a pillar of the Zimbabwean economy.

Products and Services

Old Mutual Zimbabwe's comprehensive range of products and services caters to the diverse financial needs of individuals, families, and businesses alike. From life insurance policies that ensure financial security for loved ones to investment solutions that help clients grow their wealth, the company's offerings are as diverse as Zimbabwe's economic landscape.

  1. Life Insurance: Old Mutual Zimbabwe's life insurance products provide peace of mind, ensuring that policyholders and their families are financially protected in times of need. With a variety of options, customers can choose the coverage that best suits their circumstances.
  2. Investment Solutions: The company offers a range of investment opportunities, from mutual funds to retirement planning services, empowering clients to achieve their financial goals and secure their futures.
  3. Banking Services: Old Mutual Zimbabwe also provides a suite of banking services, including savings accounts, loans, and debit cards, making everyday banking convenient and accessible to all.
  4. Wealth Management: High-net-worth individuals and businesses benefit from Old Mutual Zimbabwe's wealth management expertise, which includes personalized financial planning and advisory services.
  5. Employee Benefits: Old Mutual Zimbabwe collaborates with businesses to provide comprehensive employee benefits packages, fostering financial well-being among employees and strengthening corporate partnerships.

Internal Structure

Behind Old Mutual Zimbabwe's enduring success is a well-structured and dedicated team. The company's internal structure reflects its commitment to transparency, integrity, and customer-centricity.

  1. Leadership: At the helm of Old Mutual Zimbabwe is a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the financial industry. Their leadership guides the company in navigating the complex financial landscape while maintaining its commitment to ethical business practices.
  2. Customer Support: The company's customer support division is a testament to its dedication to client satisfaction. A network of branches and digital channels ensures that customers can access assistance whenever and wherever they need it.
  3. Investment and Risk Management: Old Mutual Zimbabwe's investment and risk management teams are responsible for developing and managing a diverse portfolio of assets, optimizing returns, and ensuring the long-term financial health of the company and its clients.
  4. Compliance and Governance: Upholding the highest standards of compliance and governance is a cornerstone of Old Mutual Zimbabwe's operations. This division ensures that the company adheres to all regulatory requirements and maintains its reputation for trustworthiness.

In conclusion, Old Mutual Zimbabwe's journey from its inception in 1899 to its present-day status as a leading financial institution is a testament to its enduring commitment to the people and economy of Zimbabwe. Through its diverse portfolio of products and services, transparent internal structure, and unwavering dedication to its core values, Old Mutual Zimbabwe continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the nation's financial future, one client at a time.