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Legal NameJohn Ralph Thomas Moxon
DescriptionJohn Moxon is the Executive Chairman of Meikles Limited, a prominent business figure in Zimbabwe's retail, banking, insurance, and mining industries.
BornNovember 2, 1944
(Age 79 Years)
Master of Business Administration, University of Cape Town
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John Moxon

Chairman of Meikles Limited

Estimated Net Worth (USD)
$0.3 Billion
$5 Million
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Zimbabwe Flag#6
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John Ralph Thomas Moxon, a distinguished business leader, was born on 2 November 1944. His journey in the world of business began with humble roots, but through hard work and determination, he rose to become one of Zimbabwe's most influential figures in retail, banking, insurance, properties, and mining.


Moxon's academic achievements have significantly contributed to his success. He holds a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from the prestigious University of Cape Town. Additionally, he is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, showcasing his expertise in financial management.


John Moxon's illustrious career is synonymous with Meikles Limited, a company that has been a cornerstone of Zimbabwe's economy for over a century. He joined Meikles in 1970 and over the years assumed various pivotal roles. Notably, he served as the Executive Director, Chairman of Meikles Consolidated Holdings Private Limited, and the non-executive chairman of Meikles Africa in the Department of Consumer Goods Fashion and Retail.

Under Moxon's visionary leadership, Meikles Limited expanded its interests into diverse sectors, including retail, agriculture, hospitality, and financial and security services. The company's success under his guidance has made it one of Zimbabwe's most successful corporations.

Personal Life

Beyond his business prowess, John Moxon is known for his philanthropic endeavors and community engagement. He has contributed significantly to various social initiatives, supporting education, healthcare, and empowerment projects in Zimbabwe. Despite his numerous achievements, Moxon remains grounded and values the importance of giving back to society.

In his free time, Moxon enjoys pursuing outdoor activities, particularly golf and hiking, which offer him a chance to relax and unwind from his busy schedule.