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Legal NameEmmanuel Makandiwa
DescriptionEmmanuel Makandiwa: A Visionary Leader Transforming Lives Through Faith. Explore the remarkable journey of a charismatic spiritual figure dedicated to inspiring change, hope, and spiritual growth.
BornDecember 25, 1977
(Age 46 Years)
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Emmanuel Makandiwa

Estimated Net Worth (USD)
$30 Million
$5 Million
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Zimbabwe Flag#14
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Emmanuel Makandiwa: Guiding Light of Faith and Transformation

In the realm of spiritual leadership, few names shine as brightly as Emmanuel Makandiwa. Born Shingirai Chirume on December 25, 1977, into a modest farming family, Makandiwa's journey from humble beginnings to becoming a beacon of hope and transformation is nothing short of remarkable.


Makandiwa's path towards spiritual enlightenment was paved with education. He attended Zengeza High School in Chitungwiza, where he nurtured his academic foundation. After completing his secondary education, he returned to his hometown of Muzarabani, all the while cultivating a deep connection to his faith and spiritual beliefs.


Makandiwa's career trajectory was rooted in his unyielding commitment to his spiritual calling. As a young man, he became part of a team organizing gospel crusades, showcasing his innate ability to inspire and lead others. His dedication led him to enroll at the A.F.M’s Living Waters Theological Seminary, where he honed his theological knowledge and graduated with a Diploma in Theology in 2002.

Makandiwa's pastoral journey saw him ascending the ranks, from an assistant pastor in Matabeleland to serving at various assemblies. In August 2008, he embarked on an audacious endeavor, founding the inter-denominational United Family International Church (UFIC). His sermons, characterized by profound insights and spiritual guidance, captured the hearts of millions, and his teachings were soon broadcasted on Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation television.

Personal Life

Beyond the pulpit, Makandiwa's personal life is a testament to his unwavering devotion to family and community. He is married to Ruth Makandiwa, and together they are the parents of two sons, Emmanuel and Victor. Their bond serves as an example of the values he imparts, emphasizing the importance of love, unity, and purpose.

Makandiwa's philanthropic endeavors have also left an indelible mark. He constructed a house for Chief Kasekete Changara of Mashonaland Central and played a pivotal role in the establishment of an orphanage run by Grace Mugabe in Mazowe. These acts of kindness underscore his commitment to improving the lives of others and uplifting communities.

In the public eye, Makandiwa's journey has not been without controversy, as his faith-based miracles have drawn both fervent support and skepticism. Despite the challenges, his teachings continue to inspire, guiding countless individuals towards spiritual growth and personal transformation.

Emmanuel Makandiwa's legacy extends beyond the walls of a church, reaching into the hearts and minds of those he has touched. As a beacon of hope, a teacher of faith, and a champion of positive change, he remains an influential figure in the spiritual landscape, lighting the path for those seeking purpose, fulfillment, and a deeper connection to their beliefs.