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Legal NameBUA Foods PLC
DescriptionBUA Foods is a prominent Nigerian company that stands at the forefront of the food and agribusiness industry. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, BUA Foods has established itself as a leading producer and distributor of a diverse range of high-quality food products, contributing significantly to Nigeria's food security and economic growth.
Number of Employees1889 (2021)
Year Founded2004 (20 Years Ago)
(After Taxation)
NGN0.3 Trillion (2021)
Traded As
Key People
  • Abdulsamad Rabiu (Chairman)
  • Abdulrasheed Olayiwola (CFO)
  • AAyodele Abioye (Managing Director)
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Food and Fast-moving consumer goods Company

Estimated Market Value (USD)
$0.4 Billion
Global Rank
World Wide
Country Rank
Nigeria Flag#4
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BUA Foods: Nourishing Nigeria's Future

In the dynamic landscape of Nigeria's business world, few companies have managed to carve out a legacy as impressive as BUA Foods. This Nigerian powerhouse has not only become a cornerstone of the nation's food and agribusiness industry but has also played a pivotal role in advancing food security and economic prosperity within the region.

BUA Foods stands tall as a testament to the potential and drive of Nigerian entrepreneurship. Established with a vision to transform the food and agribusiness sector, the company has manifested into a vital force that fuels the nation's growth. In an economy marked by its diversity, BUA Foods shines as a beacon of innovation, resilience, and quality.

Company History

The roots of BUA Foods trace back to its inception in [insert year], a time when the Nigerian food industry was ripe for transformation. What began as a modest endeavor has grown into a conglomerate that defies conventional norms. The company's journey is a saga of determination, marked by strategic acquisitions, partnerships, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Products and Services

BUA Foods' product portfolio is a testament to its commitment to delivering quality and diversity. Ranging from staple foods to premium offerings, their products cater to the entire spectrum of consumers. From grains and flours to dairy and processed foods, each item embodies the company's dedication to nourishing the nation. BUA Foods' unwavering emphasis on quality control ensures that every product reaching consumers is a testament to their promise of excellence.

Internal Affairs

Behind BUA Foods' remarkable success lies a workforce driven by passion and guided by a shared vision. The company's internal affairs prioritize fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and sustainability. By investing in employee development, adopting sustainable practices, and leveraging advanced technologies, BUA Foods not only excels in the present but also paves the way for a more prosperous and resilient future.

As a trailblazer in the Nigerian food and agribusiness sector, BUA Foods continues to shape the narrative of growth and progress. With a rich history that reflects the company's evolution, a diverse range of products that reflect their commitment to quality, and internal affairs that prioritize people and the planet, BUA Foods remains an epitome of what can be achieved when innovation and determination converge. In the grand tapestry of Nigeria's business landscape, BUA Foods is a thread that weaves together the fabric of growth, sustainability, and success.